Tips for Choosing a Class
  • Any combination of days is available for both 3 and 4 year old preschool sessions. The most popular choices for 2 sessions per week are the Tuesday-Thursday or the Monday-Wednesday combination. Consider one of these choices if 2 sessions per week is your preference, since children do make friends in their small group and begin to look for certain children. If you want 3 sessions per week, consider adding Fabulous Friday for enrichment. Monday through Thursday works well for 4 sessions per week.
  • Children in the 3 year old classes should understand how to use the bathroom. Please send a change of clothes, as occasional accidents are expected.
  • Not sure your child is ready for Kindergarten? Consider the Young Fives class. It delays Kindergarten for a year while giving your child the time to develop physically and emotionally.
  • Children at Oakwood for full time daycare have a preschool session as part of their day. Preschool is included in the daycare rate. Morning preschool works well for those children who still need a rest time. Afternoon preschool is often preferred for children who do not usually nap.