For our school-aged and adult ministries (Cadets, GEMS, Lifeline, Bible Studies, and O-90 Groups) that choose to use Oakwood's facilities, there are precautions that must be taken that fall in line with what we are asking our congregation to do for Sundays:

  1. Disinfect classrooms and anything that gets used before and after use. (Clean and dirty writing utensils etc...). This cleaning falls on volunteers. Cans of spray or a fogger will be made available.
  2. Hand sanitizer should be used by participants as they enter, and obviously after blowing noses, bathroom breaks, etc. Scrub in and scrub out of the room you are meeting in.
  3. Utilize social distancing. Mask in and mask out and mask when unable to be distant.
  4. No food or drink.
  5. Children must be fever free w/o meds for 48 hours before coming. We reserve the right to temperature check attendees.
  6. Use the STOP Symptoms Questionnaire (see below).
  7. No use of preschool areas.
  8. Attendance must be taken that we might be able to contact everyone in the event of an on campus exposure - Name, Address, Phone, and Email.
  9. Encourage use of outdoors as much as possible.

Approved by Oakwood Council September, 2020