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Oakwood Family - 

As we continue to pursue Christ and His kingdom I wanted to challenge you to consider some opportunities: 

First is that Gold Avenue CRC of our Classis has been in cooperation with Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International developing the Dunamis material into a different format called Empowered For Witness.  The course meets on Thursday nights.   Last year Tom, Joni, Jen and I attended.  The next course (some of the material that was covered at our last conference we hosted) is beginning in April.  I thought I'd pass it along, in case 1 night a week is more doable than the longer conference time we have here. 

If you are interested, I believe you can listen online to the first EFW course, and also register for the the second EFW course on their website:

At Oakwood Dunamis we have covered both EFW 1 and EFW 2 so far.   The prayer conference here at the end of the month is the 3rd  Dunamis and will eventually be the 3rd EFW when they have developed it. Both our hosting of Dunamis and Gold Ave's development of Empowered For Witness are part of working together to achieve our common goal as stated in our classis vision statement: Classis Grand Rapids North will grow praying churches equipped to embody, proclaim, and advance the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Second, of course, is my challenge to you to register for the prayer conference March 30-April 2 here at Oakwood.  Many of you found yourself pressing into prayer more in the past two years.  We've had a lot to pray about, and still do as the world constantly shows its desperate need for Jesus and His kingdom.  

This is an opportunity we have to deepen our prayer lives by learning more about prayer and growing in our understanding of its importance and power in the life of the believer. Our council recently emphasized the importance of prayer for us as a church and this is an opportunity to press into that focus area intentionally as God's people at Oakwood.   

You can click on the link below to register, or if you need help, feel free to ask myself or Carrie and we'll assist you. 

I look forward to pressing into the goal of being a praying church and classis alongside you! 

Christ's peace rest on you!

Pastor Kevin