The World is Wondering

February 16, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-5, 18:1-9 |



Sunday February 16, 2020
* Please stand in body or in spirit

*God’s Greeting, Reading: Romans 4, Prayer

*Song: Lord Have Mercy

*Song: Precious Lord Take My Hand

Monologue: Sarah’s Sojourn

Special Music: Give Me Faith


1. General Fund
2. Local Food Pantries

Children’s Moment

*Song: How Can I Keep From Singing?

Scripture: Genesis 12:1-5, 18:1-9 (p. 11, 15 in Pew Bible)
Sermon: The World is Wondering

*Song of Response: Oceans

*God’s Parting Blessing

*Closing Song: Every Move I Make


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