The Tension Within

January 28, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Mark 1:21-28 |


January 28, 2018


Welcome, Announcements, Greetings

*Opening Song:  Shout to the Lord

*Confession & Assurance Reading


Not What My Hands Have Done (PSH 260)

     Living for Jesus (PSH 292)

Oakwood Cadets Update


  1. General Fund
  2. Calvinist Cadet Corps

Children’s Blessing

Prayers of the People (conclude with Lord Listen to Your Children Praying)


Scripture: Mark 1:21-28 (p. 990 in Pew Bible)

Message: The Tension Within


*Song of Response: Live to Worship

*God’s Blessing

*Closing Song: My Friends May You Grow in Grace


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The Tension Within

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