God is All-Knowing

October 27, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Hebrews 4:13 |


Sunday October 27, 2019

* Please stand in body or in spirit


Prelude: Be Still and Know, Who You Say I Am

God’s Greeting, Welcome, Prayer

*Songs of Praise: Good Good Father, His Mercy is More


  1. General Fund
  2. Bethany Christian Services

Professions & Reaffirmations of Faith


*Song: He Knows My Name

Welcome Table Fellowship children


Children’s Blessing & Dismissal

Series: Be Still and KNOW
Scripture: Hebrews 4:13 (p. 1186 in Pew Bible)
Sermon: God is All-Knowing

*Song of Response: In Christ Alone

*God’s Parting Blessing

*Closing Song: My Friends May You Grow in Grace


This file is only the sermon recording. For a copy that also contains the professions of faith, baptisms, table fellowship welcome, and communion, please email office@oakwoodcrc.org


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God is All-Knowing

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