Ehud: Hope for the Left-Handed and You

July 29, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Judges 3:12-30 |


Sunday August 5, 2018

*Opening Song:  Praise to the Lord the Almighty

*Welcome & Greetings

*Songs of Praise:

     How Can I Keep From Singing?

     Shout to the North


  1. General Fund
  2. Lifeline

Children’s Blessing

Prayers of the People

Drama & Scripture Reading

Series: Misfits of the Kingdom

Scripture: Judges 3:12-30 (p. 235 in Pew Bible)

Message: Ehud: Hope for the Left-Handed and You

*Song of Response: Your Grace is Enough

*God’s Blessing

*Closing Song: My Friends May You Grow in Grace


**Please read the Scripture passage (Judges 3:12-30) before listening to the sermon below. It is not in the recording, as it was read during a drama earlier in the service.**

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