Cancellation Policy

From our Operations Manual:

  • If there is a tornado watch or warning in effect for Ionia County within one hour before a meeting is scheduled to begin, the meeting will be automatically canceled.
  • If other conditions warrant cancellation, such as snow or ice or power failure, the decision to cancel shall be, if possible, a joint decision of the pastor, president, vice president and treasurer of the Council. Notice of cancellation will be by email and/or television and/or telephone.
  • For Preschool: If Belding Area Schools cancel, the preschool will cancel.


  • If a decision is made to cancel due to snow or ice or power outage or such, staff will request TV 13 and TV 8 to add our announcement to their notification list. If you use text messaging, we suggest that you signup for text messages from the TV stations at and/or . We will try to send emails and post on our website, but please rely mostly on the TV announcements for notification.
  • GEMS and Cadets and other evening activities may not necessarily be canceled if school has been canceled for the day. Often weather conditions are improved by evening. Please check TV cancellation lists prior to a scheduled meeting.